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Couple Therapy Session

Core Self Therapy™

I have developed Core Self Therapy™ to assist individuals, couples, families, and groups to develop a sense of who they truly are: Important and Valuable.  Each of us is unique, eternally changing, and worth every aspect of our being.
Core Self Therapy™ is based on the premise that each of us has an essential or deeper self, which is our Core Self.  Within our core we have a guiding energy that processes both our internal and external environment.  This guiding energy aides us in moving forward on our personal journey through life.  Through this highly personal and integrative therapy program you will gain at minimum a better understanding of your Self with the potential of mastering your Life. 

The program addresses the main aspects of well-being: Mental, Physical, Emotional, Social and Spiritu
al.  The benefits of Core Self Therapy™ are widespread.  Core Self Therapy™ can help you feel more positive, connected, balanced, and improve your relationships with others. Many of my clients report feeling less stress, more relaxation, increased energy, and an improved sense of self. 

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*A minimum of four sessions is recommended for this program.